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Student at music school


Satvik Agarwal (Berklee College of Music 2026)

"Aditya’s passion for music is evident in his teaching style and dedication to his students. He has a deep knowledge of music theory and a unique ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. He created a positive and encouraging learning environment that fostered growth and confidence in me. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, Aditya is an excellent choice for music education."


Vishvas Chandra (Australia Institute of Music 2024)

"I've had the privilege of studying various disciplines, including ear training, sight reading, composition, and arranging under Aditya's tutelage. From the very start, I was impressed by his exceptional clarity and mastery of the subject matter. This served as a motivating force, driving me to aspire to his level of expertise. Each discipline came with a well-structured lesson plan and clear objectives aimed at fostering a deep understanding of the concepts. The knowledge gained from these lessons has been invaluable throughout my career."

Student at music school
Student at music school


Priansh (Berklee College of Music)

"Before I met Aditya, my approach to music was rather conventional. I could play my instrument, but I lacked the depth and understanding that truly makes a musician. From the very first lesson, it was evident that I made the right decision. He provided me with a reality check about my musicality and the music industry that I think every student needs.  
Aditya Dutt is an instructor who will not only expand your musicality but also change the way you approach music. One of my favourite lines from his lessons is, “You need to change how you define ‘knowing something’.”. This has helped me define when to tell myself that I know a certain concept like voicings, modes, etc. only when I am thorough with it in and out. 

He will definitely help you master your instrument. Moreover, he will also help you develop as a Musician overall. How you interact with other musicians, record yourselves, get involved in the scene, the science behind the music and audio, and much more. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about their musical aspirations. Thank you Aditya Bhaiya for everything you've done for me. You've truly been a guiding light on my musical journey and till this very date, your lessons continue to be one of the best feelings I get to experience."


Ishan Mishra (Berklee Summer Program)

Ishan attended the Berklee Summer Program in 2019

Student at music school

Other Students

I had the pleasure of learning guitar/music from Aditya Dutt and it has truly transformed my musical journey. His teaching style is very structured and engaging, making even the most challenging concepts seem accessible. Not only is Aditya a skilled guitarist himself, but his passion for music inspires me to practice and improve everyday. I highly recommend Aditya to anyone looking to master the guitar and build a solid foundation of music theory.

Dhruv Thapar, Toronto Metropolitan University

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