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Academy of Aural Arts

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About Academy of Aural Arts

The Academy of Aural Arts was set up to forge a holistic approach to music education using modern developments in the field of music and technology. The core idea behind the school is to nurture the skill set essential to finding the musician inside everyone while also having a deep understanding of the art form.

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Disassembled Clarinet
Jamming with musicians

Masterclasses from Industry Professionals

Learn from industry professionals for insider insights, advanced techniques, and real-world applications. Network with peers and explore diverse topics from songwriting to music business.

Studying Piano

Live Performance Ensembles

Take your playing skills to the next level with our live performance ensembles. Collaborate with peers, refine stage presence, and explore diverse genres. Benefit from expert guidance, enhance creativity and build lasting connections.


One on One Counselling

Every musical journey is unique. That's why we offer One-on-One Counseling, where you'll receive personalized guidance from our experienced mentors. Whether you're setting ambitious goals, seeking to overcome challenges, or simply looking for direction, our counselors are here to support you.

“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

Programs Offered

Our Diverse Range of Courses at the Academy

Learn Music

Foundation Program

Our foundation program is tailored for people taking their first steps in music. Our curriculum introduces students to the principles, ethics, and ethos of their chosen instruments while giving them an immersive live performance experience through ensembles  and biannual concerts. 

Professional Diplomas Music

Diploma Program

We at the Academy cater to aspiring professionals seeking to advance their music education. This rigorous two-year program encompasses a comprehensive array of courses, including Performance Studies, Film Scoring, Composition, Audio Engineering, and Production.

Study Music Abroad

Music for Higher Education

Our Music College Prep Program is meticulously designed to guide students aspiring to pursue music education at various universities. This comprehensive program offers essential prerequisite courses, audition preparation, and school selection. 

Our Peers Say

I've worked with Aditya on multiple projects and I'm highly impressed by his professionalism and ability to commit to everything that he does with 100% dedication and involvement. I wish him all the best for his school.

Ashish David (Singer, Vo Artist, RJ)

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