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Music for Higher Education

Music for Higher Education


We provide one-to-one counseling helping target the right college for your musical development. 

Interview Simulations

We offer comprehensive interview prep which includes simulations of interviews with an expert panel. 

Audition Prep

Once the schools are decided, we train the students for their audition. Our panel of experts helps with the repertoire as well as the execution. We also prepare the students for Harmony, Reading and Ear Training tests.  

Mock Auditions

We organize mock auditions for students with seasoned professionals who've been on various panels and boards for music schools.

Bridge Courses

Students are helped with prep courses to give them an edge over their peers while also gaining a headstart in their education.

Portfolio Crafting

The Academy also helps with crafting of portfolios that guide students with recording, collating and presenting their portfolio to institutions of higher education.


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